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Our customized services to help you optimize your packaging strategy

In order to accompany you in a sustainable way and to guarantee you the best possible results on the short and long term, our services are tailored to best meet your challenges and your objectives.

Optimizing your reusable transport packaging strategy depends on multiple criteria and no single solution can be applied. This is why Elemsys relies on a 4-step methodology that allows us to perfectly understand all of your needs, regardless of the departments involved in your company.

We help the purchasing, quality, logistics or production departments to achieve their objectives while taking into account the needs of all the company’s stakeholders in order to avoid loss of pallets, empty transports but also production breakdowns, delivery delays or quality problems, which are harmful to the image and reputation of your company.

What can we do for you?

When it comes to packaging, our customers typically face 3 major objectives for their business:

1. Optimize costs and control the budget

The context of steadily rising raw material and energy prices means that other sources of optimization and cost reduction must be found. Packaging has become a strategic issue for companies for two reasons:

  • The costs of transport packaging, and in particular wooden pallets, are also increasing,
  • The environmental pressure is increasingly strong at the national and international level leading to more and more strict regulations on packaging.

2. Guarantee supplies and optimize inventory

Reducing costs is often synonymous with reducing stocks in order to work as much as possible in just-in-time. With an optimal sourcing strategy, based on an appropriate mix of purchasing, leasing and pooling, it is possible to optimize your stocks to the maximum without risking a supply shortage. Preventing stock-outs or problems that can impact the production line and customer delivery is essential, which is why we make sure we understand the needs of all the company’s stakeholders.

3. Control risks (safety and quality) to avoid product returns

Beyond the financial aspect, your company’s packaging strategy must also include a safety and quality component. Mastering the risks for people and products (health, quality) also means knowing the international standards and regulations.

Indeed, improving the safety and hygiene of goods allows to reduce customer returns and thus avoid unnecessary costs for the company.

It is in this context that the support of an expert consultant, specializing in transport packaging, becomes essential and crucial to succeed in reconciling everything, particularly by relying on the principles of the circular economy.

With Elemsys, control all the risks and issues related to your transport packaging and gain in efficiency.

How does our service work?

As an expert in supply chain and transport packaging, we work on the implementation of 4-step solutions to perfectly identify all the issues your company is facing at all levels (purchasing, production, logistics, quality…).


Audit of the existing system

(observing and listening to the different actors)

This 360° audit is essential to guarantee the success of our collaboration and to obtain the expected results. It allows us to take into account all the needs and internal constraints in order to propose THE solution adapted to all. This diagnosis is based on existing procedures and tools within the company. It should also include field observations and personal interviews with the participants (operators, managers and management).


Identification and formalization of the problem

The in-depth analysis of your company’s operations allows us to understand your problems (quality, budget, control and management of supplies, etc.) and to identify the areas of strength and possible progress.


Proposal of objective solutions built in common with all the actors involved

As an external and independent consultant, we are able to propose an objective solution and to reconcile the expectations of all parties. We develop action plans with you and propose targeted and personalized solutions according to the company’s strategic objectives. This way, you control costs, eliminate risks and achieve your goals efficiently for the benefit of the entire company and its current and future development.


Support, if necessary, in the implementation of the defined actions and the training of employees

Once the action plan is validated, we can accompany you and help you to :

  • Deploy all or part of the actions,
  • Coaching and training teams, including change management, adoption of new processes and digital tools required,
  • Offer support based on the commitment and active participation of stakeholders throughout the business transformation process.

Thus, the duration of our intervention within your company depends on the complexity of the subject, the diagnosis and the level of support required by the company.

Are you looking for a solution or would you like to discuss your project?

Who can benefit from our solutions?

Our offers are tailor-made to support the optimization of your company’s supply chain in its entirety, including the management of transport packaging. Many people within a company are concerned. Thus, we can intervene indifferently at the request of one or several actors of the company: general management, financial management, purchasing, logistics, production, quality…

As an expert in supply chain and transport packaging, we work on the implementation of 4-step solutions to perfectly identify all the issues your company is facing at all levels (purchasing, production, logistics, quality…).

Finance & Purchasing Department

You need to reduce costs and control the budget, you need to launch calls for tender or renegotiate or manage current contracts…

Supply chain and logistics manager

You must ensure the supplies,
Your mission is to reduce stocks and to move towards a just-in-time strategy,
You must deliver to customers within their own constraints…

Quality Safety Environment Manager

You must control all types of risks, vou must guarantee the security of the actors, vou must control your processes to avoid customer returns.

While taking into account the constraints related to the requirements of your own production department

Trust an expert in logistics, transport chains, but especially Returnable Transport Packaging! We help you prevent, identify and address your business challenges!