Xavier Goube


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I am Xavier Goube,

Expert in logistics, transport chains, but especially in reusable transport packaging (Returnable Transport Packaging), and in particular pallets. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, I put my expertise at the service of a better structuring and improvement of your supply chain.

My mission is to accompany you in the analysis and optimization of your logistics system. Thanks to my advice and tailor-made solutions, your packaging and pallets become a real source of cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction!

Collaborate with an experienced consultant and improve your processes and the management of your transport packaging!


years of experience

Why call on Elemsys to optimize your logistics strategy?

You want to secure your supplies and regain control of your budget?

You sell to export and you just want to be sure that you meet all the standards related to packaging?

Do you want to reduce your procurement risks or have quality problems?

Define and implement an optimal procurement strategy for your transport packaging is an important element critical, especially for large companies.

Why? The increase in the unit cost of packaging, the increased automation of storage systems and quality requirements make it one of the major risks for the supply chain that must be perfectly controlled and apprehended. Why?

Moreover, reusable transport packaging fits perfectly into a circular economy logic (see European Directives). Their mastery and good management guarantee that certain environmental regulatory and productivity challenges can be met, which companies in the industrial, agri-food, e-commerce and mass distribution sectors, in particular, can no longer ignore.

We accompany companies of all sizes and intervene within the framework of a “tailor-made” service according to the objectives and characteristics defined with our customers.

How do we help you?

Whether you work in the logistics, purchasing, quality or production departments, you are concerned by the many issues related to your logistics system and your tertiary packaging. However, you have less and less time to go into detail. By benefiting from the advice and expertise of a specialist in logistics and transport packaging, you can optimize your internal packaging solutions. We propose a methodology in 4 parts:


Start from observation and listening to the actors in place


Identify your problem and formalize it


Work and propose solutions built in a common way with all stakeholders within your company


Involve the players and associate them in the implementation of the solution

From the diagnosis of your existing supply chain to the implementation of the action plan, we are at your side to help you make the right choices according to your needs and constraints

Do you have any questions?

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